LFB Ventures, Inc. ("LFB")  strives to provide its clients with the highest level of service for all capital market needs with a core focus on debt, equity, and Commercial Brokerage.

LFB is a leader in structuring and placing debt for its clients across all assets types. From senior debt to high leverage participating debt, LFB has a solution for each opportunity. The firm has institutional capabilities in building a wide variety of debt facilities, including, but not limited to, acquisition financing, permanent financing, interim financing, debt recapitalization, construction financing, renovation financing, and cash-out financing.


Equity is often the most critical and hard to come by component of any real estate transaction. Completing a capital stack beyond debt requires the sourcing of equity capital. LFB specializes in identifying the most compatible equity alternatives for its clients and their circumstances, whether it be preferred or joint venture equity. 




LFB offers a full-service investment sales platform designed at maximizing the value of its client’s assets. With a focused strategy, and sniper approach to marketing, LFB can more effectively target the most aggressive buyers in the marketplace.


In addition to representing our clients with the disposition of their assets, LFB also excels at identifying potential acquisition targets and 1031 exchange properties. Through our vast broker network, and access to off-market deals, we pinpoint assets that meet our clients’ specifications.


With LFB’s knowledge of capital markets, the firm is always in front of established and emerging investors. Additionally, with its access to debt and equity sources, LFB offers a full-service approach to simplify the sales and acquisition process. We offer financing options for our client’s acquisitions, as well as solutions for potential buyers to help facilitate the sale of our client’s assets.

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